mpflow is FREEWARE
mpflow comes with NO WARRANTY

The author can not be held responsible for any damage or inconveniences of any kind caused by this software.

mpflow is a front-end to mpd (Music Player Daemon) that has an interface that was greatly inspired by CoverFlow(tm).

It displays the album art that you have in your music directories. mpflow looks for these files in each directory:

mpflow expects your music directory to be arranged in one directory per album, with a cover.jpg in it.

mpflow is a simple player that has a basic set of features:

NB. mpflow does NOT download any album art for you. It is merely a cover browser.

Download source code: mpflow-0.9.2.tar.gz

Download old version: mpflow-0.9.tar.gz

Read the README
Read the LICENSE

The source code of mpflow is hosted at github

If you really must, you can contact the author at walter at heiho dot net