Heiho.Net Software

bbs100   bbs100: A free DOC-like internet BBS
pconsole   The parallel console tool
synctool   Cluster administration tool
firewater   Hostbased firewall configuration tool
pam_shield   PAM module that uses null-routing to block attackers
python-ipc   Python IPC module
import_checker   Python import_checker program
oldskool   Retro style arcade game // Llamatron clone
glWHYz! demo   2D OpenGL demo
3D space thing   3D OpenGL space thing
Freedom Fighters 2184   Clone of classic Videopac/Magnavox game
bbs101   oldskool bbsing in a modern world
mpflow   CoverFlow-like frontend to mpd (Music Player Daemon)
CoverPlay   Music album player for Mac

If you really must, you can contact the author at walter at heiho dot net