This is the pconsole distribution page. pconsole is a administrative tool for working with clusters of machines.
pconsole allows you to connect to each node of your cluster simultaneously, and you can type your administrative commands in a specialized window that 'multiplies' the input to each to the connections you have opened.
pconsole is best run from within X Windows, although it is possible to employ it without X (in console mode) as well.
You need to install pconsole on only 1 machine in the cluster, this would usually be your central administrative node.
pconsole was developed by Walter de Jong in 2001.

pconsole is free software.
pconsole is distributed under terms described in the GNU General Public License.

pconsole features:

The latest version is 1.0 (the program is pretty much finished).
Download the package pconsole-1.0.tar.gz (35 Kb)

Please see the README for more information.
See the ChangeLog for a (short) history in development.
View a screenshot of pconsole in action.

If you don't have SSH, I recommend OpenSSH, which you can get at OpenSSH.org

Known problems
On BSD-ish systems, the ps command likes the -j argument rather than the -ef arguments used in pconsole.sh. If you are on a BSD-ish system, apply the following patch: bsd.patch.txt
Thanks go to both Marek Jaros and Davin Reade for pointing this out.

Solaris users may need to add the following lines to the top of pconsole.c:

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <sys/termios.h>
Thanks go to James Wildman for reporting this.

On older systems you may still get compilation errors about TIOCSTI; these can be solved by adding the line:

#define TIOCSTI 0x5412
Thanks go to Pete Geenhuizen for reporting this problem.

The main distribution site is at http://www.heiho.net/pconsole/.
The source code of pconsole is hosted at github

If you really must, you can contact the author at walter at heiho dot net