pam_shield is a PAM module that uses null-routing or iptables to lock out script kiddies that probe your computer for open logins and/or easy guessable passwords. pam_shield is meant as an aid to protect public computers on the open internet.

pam_shield is free software.
pam_shield is distributed under terms described in the GNU General Public License.

Everybody knows it is unwise to leave computers largely unprotected connected to the internet. However, there are cases in which this is still common practice. For exampe, academic sites with hundreds of users often have a policy of allowing logins from all over the world. They are under constant attack by crackers who are trying to break into the system by password guessing. pam_shield aims to detect and block these crackers.

pam_shield was developed by Walter de Jong from 2007 to 2011.
pam_shield is nowadays a github project that is maintained by Jonathan Niehof.

The authors cannot be held responsible for any consequences or harm caused by this software.

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