Monday, February 20th 2006 21:20:08 from Walter
Subject: bbs100 3.0 available under GNU General Public License

bbs100 3.0 will soon be announced on
The code is freely available under terms described in the GNU General Public
License (GPL, for short). This means you may have and use the source code to
bbs100 as long as you adhere to the rules described in the license. Please do
adhere to the license! It has made bbs100 what it is today, and although it may
not be exemplary in every aspect, I do consider it one of my more successful
Many thanks go to the users of this BBS, MatrixBBS, for putting up with crashes
and other annoying bugs, and for still returning here in a time where most
people declare this kind of BBSes as ancient and dead. Special thanks go to all
who contributed to making bbs100 the best, whether it be by donating code,
pointing out bugs, or making suggestions.
And a big thanks goes out to Marcel Gagne', who wrote about bbs100 in his
monthly column Cooking With Linux in Linux Journal (issue of June 2005, also
available on the web; google for "L'Intranet Originale").

All in all, thanks to all, and be happy :)

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The MatrixBBS is at SSH: or good old telnet://