This is the bbs100 distribution page. bbs100 is a DOC style telnet BBS, developed by Walter de Jong since 1999.
If you first want to try bbs100, try out one of the sites running bbs100.

bbs100 is free software.
bbs100 is distributed under terms described in the GNU General Public License.

Linux Journal of June 2005 contains an article by Marcel Gagne' with a positive review of bbs100

A big thanks goes out to all ...

NB. If you are a developer, you may want to check out my latest BBS project: bbs101

bbs100 features:

bbs100 runs on most (if not all) POSIX compliant platforms.

The latest version is 3.2 (release date July 1st 2007).

Download the package bbs100-3.2.tar.gz (452 KB)
Download the package bbs100-3.2.tar.bz2 (340 KB)

It is recommended that you apply patches to fix known bugs.

Please see the README for more information.
See the INSTALL file for installation notes.
See the UPGRADING file for notes on upgrading.
See the WHATSNEW file for notes on what is new.
See the ChangeLog for a history in development.
See the FAQ for (not-so) frequently asked questions.
See the CREDITS for who deserves credit for this project.

Older version is 2.1 (release date February 1st 2004).

Download the package bbs100-2.1.tar.gz (336 KB)

Obsoleted versions are not available for download anymore, because I recommend the latest version. If you really want to have the source code of an older version, send me an e-mail. I still have older versions of bbs100, but they are archived elsewhere and are not accessible via the web any more.

HOWTO setup a bbs100 at the default telnet port
HOWTO setup a bbs100 featuring secure connections through SSH

screenshot of bbs100 running on MacOS X
screenshot of bbs100 running on Windows 2000

The main distribution site is at http://www.heiho.net/bbs100/.
The source code of bbs100 is hosted at github

If you really must, you can contact the author at walter at heiho dot net